5C Autumn 2 Week 3

Autumn 2 Week 3
We have spent this week looking at Judaism, especially the significant meal eaten on the Seder plate during Passover. We have compared and contrasted aspects of the Jewish faith with Catholicism and thought about the spiritual reasons for the actions of believers.
Following on from our work on identifying equivalent fractions, we have been converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa as well as solving a range of problems on this topic.  We have worked on the formal written method for multiplying a 2 digit number number by another 2 digit number and we have rounded 6 digit numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand etc.
The class has worked incredibly hard to produce some fabulous reviews of the Museum of Fun and we have started designing some challenging educational trails for the museum packed full of a variety of questions for a reader.  
We have worked hard to learn how to use maps to answer a range of geographical questions,…

5C Autumn 2 week 1

Autumn 2 Week 1

After a much deserved rest, the children have all been working hard during their first week back in 5C. Here is an outline of some of our learning this week.
We have been looking closely at the sacrament of marriage in the Catholic church and how it differs from a civil wedding ceremony.  The children have thoughtfully created booklets about what happens in a Catholic wedding and explaining what the significant symbols and signs within the Catholic wedding service are. They have also enjoyed writing their own quiz questions about a Catholic wedding.  Can you ask your parent one of your quiz questions?!

We are reading an interactive e-book to find out the varied ways that people have had fun throughout history and throughout the world. We have made predictions and  scanned and summarised the information we have read.

We have been starting some further work on fractions. The children have been learning how to spot equivalent fractions as well as ordering fract…

5C Week 7

Thank you for attending Parents' Evening earlier this week.  It was lovely to meet you all and we hope you enjoyed looking at your child's work displayed in the classroom and their books.
Over the last fortnight, we have been learning about the following:
Maths We have revised the names of 2D shapes, added fractions and decimals to make a whole number and  worked on perimeter and area of simple and compound shapes.  We have also learned to convert between different units of measurement ie cm into m
The children have enjoyed playing games on the following website which you may want to take a look at with them over half term:
Fraction number bonds
Decimal number bonds
Analogue to digital time
R.E We have been considering what it means to be involved in a mission as a Catholic. Some of 5C explained that they are involved in assisting elderly people living in care homes to distribute their cards around Christmas time.  Others mentioned small yet important jobs they take part in around …

5C week 5

Autumn Week 5 5C
The children have had over a month in 5C now and are continuing to stay motivated and positive about their learning.
One of the highlights of 5C so far was when the children created incredible still life compositions on a theme of their choice.  As well as selecting a wide range of objects, backgrounds and labels were designed and arranged by the children.  We were impressed by how original the themes chosen were, including Chinese artefacts, peace and seasonal nature themes.  Great team work was involved in creating arrangements and completing this process!
See below photos of the following group compositions:
1.Achievements and Fruit 2.Autumn Fruits 3.The beauty of China 4.Dominica 5.Autumn 6.Autumn and Wildlife 7.Peace around the World 8.Wildlife

We have been continuing our reading of Christophe’s Story as well as moving onto focusing on grammar this week.  Can you explain the difference between a verb, noun, adverb, preposition, determiner and conjunction?  Remember…

5C Week 3

Learning in 5C this week

We have learned about prominent people whose love of God and peaceful actions, have inspired and changed the lives of others.  These have included several Nobel Peace Prize winners.  We marked the International Day of Peace on Thursday and have reflected on ways to bring people together at school and in the wider community, by recognising our common humanity.

English We have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to read (and watch online performances of) Michael Rosen's poems. Inspired by his work, we have written free verse poetry, re-enacted humorous scenes and discussed the underlying serious issues running through some of his work.  We have taken a closer look at the use of metaphors and similes in poetry. 
We have begun our new class book, “Christophe’s Story”, about an eight year-old asylum seeker from Rwanda.

Mrs Chisholm brought in some Seyes handwriting paper to help reinforce the difference in height between capital and lower case letters.  It was a M…

5C Week 1 Autumn

Learning in 5C this week

The children have made a really positive start to Year 5 by listening well and adapting to new routines.  We are both very proud of their effort so far.
We have been looking at a range of poems by Charles Causley this week.  After reading a poem called ‘As I went down Zig Zag’ where people act unusually, we wrote our own nonsense poem about going to a chaotic place where things like wearing one boot and one shoe happen! We had to stick to the rhyme scheme of the example poem and put characters into amusing and strange situations!
We looked at the positive and difficult times in the lives of St Dominic as well as all four of the house saints here at St Dominic.  We discussed how each of these people showed bravery and faith during times when they weren’t always believed or supported.  We explained what we admired the most about each of the saints.
We have been studying place value this week and working out which numbers are larger and smaller than…