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Spring 1 week 5

Spring 1 Week 5
The children have worked incredibly hard this week working in pairs using the technique of weaving to make a paper basket.  Here is a reminder of the pictures from the step by step instructions and some pictures of the finished results. Can you spot your work?

5C are experts when it comes to myths!  We had a dramatic debate about whether Jason, Perseus or Theseus were the most suitable hero for defending against an attack from a myth monster!  We presented our viewpoint clearly and responded to opposing views in a convincing way. It was very difficult to agree on a clear winner and some children even changed their mind by the end of the debate! We have thoroughly enjoyed reading Greek myths and it has been useful to compare different variations of myths which we have heard.  We have written tense fight scenes between a hero and a monster using powerful verbs, a range of sentence openers and practised adding extra detail to our work with commas, brackets and d…